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“You just cracked open a fortune cookie about our company. What’s the fortune say about our future?”

Once a week we do an employee poll using Tiny Pulse software. It’s our way of staying in touch with employee sentiment and, since it’s anonymous, the staff has an outlet to honestly respond.

Awhile back everyone in the company was presented with the question above. We were proud that their ideas for company fortunes were all pretty positive. It’s a good feeling as we head into the new year so we thought we’d share some of the responses here:

  • Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.
  • Sit down. Buckle up. You’re in for a wild ride. Get ready to rock!
  • More success, growth, and greatness await.
  • To survive the sort one must leap and repeat.
  • You will turn down more business in the future than you have right now.
  • Increased growth, great friendships, top direct mail agency for clients and top direct mail agency to work for.
  • Fortune cookies: the snap pack of the dessert world. Fortune for writers: “Keep it simple. The more you say, the less people remember.”
  • Gunderson Direct will continue to grow and be successful into 2019. They will be recognized as a leading Direct Mail Marketing Agency by several reputable organizations.
  • I saw this saying “Success lies in the hands of those who want it.” We are all driven to be successful in what we do. We celebrate when we’re named best DM Agency in the Bay Area, now we need and want to be the best DM Agency in California and then the U.S.!


Thanks for reading and may your own fortunes be bright both personally and professionally in the new year.


If you’re interested in adding direct mail to your marketing mix, then drop us a line. We’re standing by to answer any questions, and, most importantly, to help you get your mail opened.

Jeff Tarran

As VP of Account Services, Jeff works with our clients to analyze business problems and develop direct marketing strategies that achieve their goals. A 20-year veteran and strategic thought leader in direct marketing, Jeff has headed two independent direct response agencies in the Bay Area after starting his career at Foote Cone and Belding. He earned a Dual BS in management and communications at Syracuse University and his MBA in marketing at Columbia University in New York.

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