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Empathy in the Workplace

Key Takeaways:

  • More companies should prioritize showing compassion for their employees’ personal lives.
  • Empathetic employers result in motivated employees.
  • Gunderson Direct is a unique agency full of people who show they care.

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Why my employer stands out above the rest

When I first was hired at Gunderson Direct, I wouldn’t say I had an excessively busy or complicated life schedule outside of work. However, that changed pretty drastically within just a few months. To properly paint this picture, here is a list of some significant life changes/events that I’ve endured over my two years of employment with Gunderson Direct:

  • Moved to a new house
  • Had surgery to remove all 4 wisdom teeth
    • Unfortunately, the dentist removed 3 of the correct teeth + 1 incorrect tooth, which led to a second surgery to remove the remaining wisdom tooth one week later
  • Experienced multiple rounds of severe strep throat (one of which put me in the emergency room), caused by lack of sleep from surgery pain/lowered immune system
  • Ended a 5-year relationship – as I planned the following steps, I bounced around locations (and acknowledged how thankful I was to work from anywhere!)
  • Moved (again)
  • Endured several more rounds of strep throat
  • Moved (yes, for the third time) from Arizona to California
  • Was the primary caretaker for my father through his recovery after having a heart attack, followed by quadruple bypass surgery
  • Suffered the loss of my first dog, who passed away unexpectedly at 7 years old
  • Had surgery to get my tonsils removed

While that is quite the list for just two years, I’m grateful to have gotten through it all with the support of family, friends, and especially my employer! The compassion I received from Gunderson Direct was like nothing I’d ever experienced professionally. With former employers, it was like pulling teeth to do something as small as coming in an hour late for a dentist appointment (no pun intended). At GD, so much emphasis is placed on understanding that we all have lives outside of work.

What surprised me even more than my (creative) team’s willingness to take on my workload was when people across all other departments also cared enough to reach out and offer help and condolences to see how I was doing.

When I was sick, care packages full of soup, tea, and medicine were sent. After I lost my dog, a beautiful flower arrangement appeared at my door. When moving, I was given the flexibility to work hours that fit better if needed. After my tonsillectomy, I was sent a 6-pack of delicious ice cream.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to my coworkers, not only for the extra work they took on as I went through all of these things but also for their empathy and the effort they put into showing they cared. As a result, I have been consistently able to bounce back, highly motivated and ready to work hard to repay the kindness that I was shown time and time again. The people I’m surrounded by at this company inspire me to do my best to make sure they feel their teamwork and effort being reciprocated.

Workplace compassion invites more loyalty, dedication, and employee engagement.

– Madhuleena Roy Chowdhury

Gunderson Direct has proven in an abundance of ways why it is Great Places to Work certified, and I will always appreciate this opportunity I’ve been given to work with such an extraordinary company!

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Laney is a Huntington Beach native and passionate dog mom! By combining her design degree from California State University, East Bay with her studio expertise, she is able to contribute to the creative team in any way she is needed.

Outside of work, Laney is up for any new adventure. Traveling, boating, snowboarding, playing volleyball, hiking, trying new food, or wine tasting: you name it, and she’ll be there!