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Sketchbook Series: 5 // Invention

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The creative process is always a journey. Over the years I’ve used multiple methods to gather my thoughts, whether it’s designing for a client presentation or my idea for the next great invention. Sometimes I’ll dive right in with digital ideation, literally pounding out ideas on the keyboard. Other times, I’ll sit down with a sketchbook and a pen. I like to let my mind wonder as I fill the the pages with sketches and concepts. I tend to start with goofy ideas to stimulate my brain. It’s a fun way to work and takes the pressure out of getting it right for the “real world.”

I was recently organizing my home office and came across my sketchbook archive. It got me to look back and reflect on past ideas and explorations — some that came to fruition, and others that didn’t (usually for good reason). Over the next few posts, I will share some of these themes.

Please note, these drawings are unedited, somewhat raw, and certainly less than perfect. Also, forgive poor spelling and grammatical errors — I prefer speed over accuracy.

About these inventions:

A better umbrella? A handicap friendly escalator? How about an attachment that turns a pickup tailgate into a comfortable bench? I find myself looking at products and situations and I like to think I can improve them with sometimes good, sometimes admittedly off-the-wall ideas. Enjoy my “inventions” journal as long as you don’t judge me too harshly. And, if anyone wants to take my TV-microwave combo to patent, at least list me as a co-inventor. Thanks.  

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One Final Note

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