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Gunderson Direct was awarded two bronze ADDYS at the 2021 Greater San Francisco Advertising Awards Gala for its Happier Holidays Mask mailer. The mailer was recognized in two categories: Direct Marketing & Specialty Advertising (printed or digital) and Direct Mail 3-D/Mixed Entry.

In November, 500 clients, partners, and prospects received the Gunderson Direct Happier Holidays Mask mailer. The oversized, metallic orange envelope contained a dimensional mailer and three branded #GunderSmile facemasks, each with a graphic smile. 

Leveraging the power of smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Gunderson Direct included an AI Respond Fast® component, where recipients could invoke a seasonal greeting from agency President, Mike Gunderson.

The holiday mailer also featured a charitable social component: each time a recipient posted a picture of themselves or a loved one wearing a Gunderson Direct mask on social media with #GunderSmile, the agency would donate $5 to the Alameda County Food Bank. With three masks, each individual could add up to $15 to the total donation amount, engaging with the effort—and the brand—for a full three months.

On top of the mailer with masks, smart speaker, and social media components, an email campaign was set up to send periodic reminders, the donations made to date, and the great #GunderSmile pictures shared by recipients on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Through recipients’ repeated interactions with the gift + social + charitable components, Gunderson Direct was pleased to give over $500 on behalf of participants to the Alameda County Food Bank. 

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Mike Gunderson is the founder of Gunderson Direct, Inc., a direct marketing agency that helps businesses drive new leads and close more sales through traditional offline channels, especially direct mail.