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A set of common values drives how we work, who we hire, how we define success, and the clients we want to work with.

Some companies spend hundreds of hours in meetings getting stuck on what seems like a simple question, “What should our core values be?”

At Gunderson Direct, we never struggled with this question because we know that our values already exist within ourselves and just naturally emerge from our culture. So we simply flipped the question – asking not who we should be, but who we already are. When we looked into the mirror, the reflection we saw made our mission and values crystal clear:


We make opening the mail a rewarding experience.


Delivering results by mail.

What did you learn today? How will you improve tomorrow? Let’s learn, share, and grow together. For our clients, for our business, and for ourselves.

We each have our own expertise, but our boundaries don’t end there; we stretch to understand each other’s processes. Empathy solves problems, helps us understand each other, and unites us to act as a single engine delivering amazing work.

Though we’re absolutely serious about making our clients successful, we also need to pop the bubble, flip to the light side, make each other grin and giggle and pun-groan from time to time to time to time. After all, timing is everything.

One truth seems universal: the universe is a boomerang and what you put out comes back. Be kind and kindness will happen to you. Make someone laugh, and you’ll soon find yourself laughing. Make your clients successful and you’ll become successful yourself.

Your client’s business is your business. This is your agency. This is your project. These are your teammates. This is your success. And occasionally, this is your mistake. The more you own it, the more each of us owns it, the more successful we’ll be and feel.


100% of employees at Gunderson Direct say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.