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Case Study New - Sept 2019-pc

Personal Capital
Financial Services
San Francisco, CA

“I consider them a part of our own team—they’re always willing to help us in any capacity.”

– Personal Capital

Overall Satisfaction
Willing to Refer (NPS)

This case study is presented from our client’s point of view. Special thanks to Personal Capital for taking the time to contribute to this case study and giving us the opportunity to do some great work together.



Gunderson provides direct mail services, including strategy and production of creative assets. They handle several million pieces of mail per quarter for the company.



We were looking for new ways to reach our target audience through direct mail services.



Gunderson provided several services. Initially, they consulted us and made recommendations on how we could best get started with a direct mail campaign. They then connected us to a list broker and helped with the creative assets, from production to printing and mailing. We’ve progressed from mailing a couple hundred thousand to several million pieces of mail per quarter.



We’ve been very pleased with the results of the program, which is why we continue to increase the work we do with them. They’re highly efficient and thorough in their work. I’m confident in their project management capabilities. They’re very hands-on, responsive, and collaborative. I consider them a part of our own team—they’re always willing to help us in any capacity. I also find them to be transparent and fair in their prices.



Gunderson’s efforts have continued to add value to the company over the years. They’re efficient, hands-on, and responsive, and collaborating with their team is seamless. With the best interests of their clients at heart, they’re flexible and transparent in their approach to managing projects and pricing.

One Final Note

If you’re interested in trying out direct mail and adding it to your marketing mix, then drop us a line. We’re standing by to answer any questions you might have, and most importantly, to help you get your mail opened.

Mike Gunderson is the founder of Gunderson Direct, Inc., a direct marketing agency that helps businesses drive new leads and close more sales through traditional offline channels, especially direct mail.