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Thoughts From Our Team on Returning to the Office

We asked our team to anonymously share their thoughts and feelings in considering a return to the office. The responses ran the gamut and we found them so insightful that we wanted to share: Without having seen a plan or different options, I'm not sure what questions I would have...

Case Study by Metromile

Gunderson Direct spearheaded an auto insurance company’s mail outreach campaigns and made sure that their communications were all in line. The team used a complex mail sorting device to sort mail accurately.

Direct Mail in the Covid Era (and beyond)

Shelter-in-place has led to a number of behavioral changes that are amply shared in the media and across social channels. Uncertainty is the new rule in terms of employment status, buying habits, and even for when things start getting back to normal—the “new normal,” that is. 

Determining Who Will Respond to a Direct Mail Offer
Determining Who Will Respond to a Direct Mail Offer on

By identifying the prospects who are most likely to respond to an offer, you can reduce campaign expenses and improve your response rate and ROI. Every direct mail piece you send costs money. Beyond the initial design and data mining expenses, each individual letter costs money to print and postage...

Explaining Digital Direct Mail and Its Benefits
Explaining Digital Direct Mail and Its Benefits on

With digital direct mail, you can make print mail as personalized and targeted as any digital ad or email. The first known example of direct mail marketing comes from 1000 BC when an affluent Egyptian landowner created an offer and distributed it throughout his local area.

How to Use Technology in Your Direct Mail Campaign
How to Use Technology in Your Direct Mail Campaign on

Direct mail campaigns may start with sending letters to potential customers, but there are a lot of ways you can integrate technology to achieve a higher response. Direct mail marketing has existed for decades and, even in today's digitally obsessed world, it remains a powerful, cost-effective and successful way to...

Is Direct Mail Personalization Important?

When creating direct mail, you have the option of customizing each mailpiece, but does it matter? When putting together your direct mail marketing collateral, you have a few options to consider. One important decision you must make is whether to personalize the content for each recipient.

Why Your Direct Mail Campaign Needs A/B Testing

A/B testing is essential to the success of your direct mail campaign because it shows what works and what doesn't In any marketing program, testing the collateral you're putting out is crucial to its success. If you aren't testing and analyzing your results, you may continue making the same mistakes...