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The Marketer’s Guide to Direct Mail Response Attribution

The key is to be prepared to capture the unique offer code wherever and whenever the recipient responds, regardless of channel. The focus of direct mail optimization is continual testing of list sources, creative and offers. To know what’s working you need to generate accurate reports and analyses of your...

6 Reasons Direct Mail Is Still a Game-Changer
Gunderson Direct Mail Marketing

Some things come and go, but others will live on forever. This is why direct mail will continue to stand the test of time. When it comes to modern marketing, the industry is very quick to throw out the perceived “old” and welcome the “new” with eager and open arms....

What is direct mail marketing?

What is direct mail marketing? Direct mail marketing is used by companies to promote products and services by sending postcards, letters, brochures, and catalogs directly to a customer or prospect through the U.S. Mail. In some ways, direct mail resembles email marketing, the physical equivalent of sending a digital communication....

Thoughts From Our Team on Returning to the Office

We asked our team to anonymously share their thoughts and feelings in considering a return to the office. The responses ran the gamut and we found them so insightful that we wanted to share: Without having seen a plan or different options, I'm not sure what questions I would have...

Case Study by Metromile

Gunderson Direct spearheaded an auto insurance company’s mail outreach campaigns and made sure that their communications were all in line. The team used a complex mail sorting device to sort mail accurately.