About us

over 15 years of direct experience

Gunderson Direct Values

A scattershot marketing approach wastes time and money. At Gunderson Direct, we make sure your direct marketing strategy is personal, focused, tactical, and above all, successful. From consultation and planning to execution and analysis, we deliver value on your marketing investment.

Gunderson Direct is an advanced agency partner — not a vendor — specializing in helping businesses drive leads and close business through traditional offline channels, especially direct mail.

Rather than being all things to all companies, we offer focused expertise to a select set of clients. We specialize in cultivating successful, long-term client engagements that naturally lead to strong referral business. We leverage our deep expertise and smart, performance-driven strategies to exceed your marketing goals.

Our clients include:

  • Top-tier financial companies
  • Innovative fintech and peer-to-peer lending companies
  • Companies providing cloud services and software for business
  • Telecommunications and media organizations
  • Membership and subscription-based companies dependent on recurring revenue models
  • Silicon Valley startups with aggressive growth goals
  • Consumer retail companies