Gunderson Direct ranked among leading direct marketing agencies on Clutch!

31 January 2018 / By Mike Gunderson
What Makes a Leading Direct Marketing Agency?

Behind every physical piece of mail that reaches your audience is an extensive process of hard work, technological efficiencies, and strategy. For a direct marketing agency to really perform, it takes more than just a great work ethic. It takes a strategic team, unique creative, and a great client relationship. According to research firm Clutch (and our clients), Gunderson Direct offers all three of those.

Recently, Gunderson Direct was ranked among leading direct marketing agencies on Clutch’s platform. The firm works to analyze over 7,000 business service providers, including marketing, creative, and advertising agencies. Using a complex proprietary research methodology, the Clutch team takes into account each of their agencies’ past work, client lists, awards, and more. Most importantly, Clutch takes into account the client perspective in the form of in-depth client reviews.

We’re grateful that our clients have taken the time to speak with the Clutch team and leave us an overall 5-star score, supporting it with some stellar compliments. Here are some of the things our clients had to say about our work:

“After beginning our work with the Gunderson team, our newsletter went from being a loss leader to actually producing revenue. We overhauled its design and execution with a direct mail outlook, and since then, it has gone from costing the Center $10,000 after every production to actually making about $25,000 per mailing, despite the volume of issues having stayed the same. Thanks to Gunderson’s work on the redesign, producing the newsletter costs the same amount, but its response rate has gone up and we are earning revenue in the long run, and this growth continues to increase with every issue.”


“Gunderson Direct has a very well organized team, and this teamwork allows them to produce great results. They are veterans of the direct mail industry, so they hit the ground running and produce quality output right away. We do not stop until we have the best end product, and they have excellent service.”


“They’re great at project management, which is their real strength. They expertly manage the different elements of a direct mail campaign and all the stakeholders involved. They always have a monthly plan, and they lay out all the timelines and deadlines for all the different vendors. Their years of experience add a layer of strategic direction to our campaigns.”

We’re so proud that our clients let Clutch know about what makes use their preferred partner for direct mail. As we continue to work closely with Clutch to gain client feedback, we’re excited to see our rank in their research increase.

About The Author

Mike Gunderson

Mike Gunderson is the founder of Gunderson Direct, Inc., a direct marketing agency that helps businesses drive new leads and close more sales through traditional offline channels, especially direct mail.