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Gunderson Direct is a marketing agency specializing in direct mail.

We work with large companies and well funded start-ups who rely on top-of-funnel leads to power their pipeline and want a more reliable, measurable, and scalable approach to driving sales.

What separates us from other agencies and direct mail providers is over 18 years of building and improving direct mail programs through our proprietary process of testing and optimization.

Because of this, clients get higher quality leads, leading to increased customer profitability.

Strategic expertise

Consult with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Our team of experienced direct mail agency team members know best practices for planning and executing successful direct mail strategies that deliver performance breakthroughs.

Responsive data and lists

Direct marketing relies on data. Even the best creative doesn’t work if sent to the wrong audience. You need a direct mail company with the expertise to use both your own database and external data so you’re always mailing to the most precise audience.

Precise Project management

While other direct mail marketing agencies can help with part of your project, our expertise runs deep and broad. Count on us to manage your campaign from initial idea to direct mail delivered on time and on budget.

Production and mailing

Sending direct mail gets complex (and expensive!) if you don’t meet intricate and ever-changing mailing  requirements. From a few thousand pieces to millions, count on us for flawless execution and attention to every detail.

Creative thought leadership

Creating compelling direct mail takes more than talent. Sure, our work demonstrates a flair for creativity, but behind it lies a deep understanding of your audience and all the drivers that support your brand.

Insightful analytics

After each campaign, you’ll receive detailed reports with results benchmarked to KPIs and insightful analysis on new opportunities to improve ROI and performance.

Working with the best

Creative that sells

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