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Ranked Best DM Agency - 2022

Gunderson Direct is an award-winning marketing agency that specializes in direct mail. We work with large companies and well-funded start-ups that want a more reliable, measurable, and scalable approach to acquiring top-of-funnel leads and driving sales.

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Why Choose
Gunderson Direct
As Your Direct
Mail Partner?

We Make Opening The Mail
A Rewarding Experience.

What separates us from other agencies and direct mail providers? Over 20 years of building and improving direct mail programs through our proprietary testing and optimization process. That sets our clients up with higher-quality leads to increase customer profitability.

🏆 We have claimed Clutch’s top DM agency honor for three years running.

Take Advantage of Unique Targeting Capabilities

A street address is the most reliable prospect contact information, and DM data sets are appended with 1000’s of targetable attributes. And your lookalike targeting capabilities will be supercharged once we apply AI + machine learning to your model builds, across databases.

When You Go Bigger,
It Gets Cheaper

Scaling in digital typically means upping your bids to compete over relatively fixed ad inventory. Our Direct Mail strategies reward those that scale with manufacturing and data efficiencies as quantities go up. When this happens, your cost per DM impression drops.

Our Omnichannel Strategies Boost Response

Mailbox targeting data can be used to target digitally. Digital touches—display, email, USPS Informed Delivery program—surround the DM delivery with additional impressions. Our digital surround strategy can boost response up to 40%!

Your Direct Mail
Will Stand Out

The average consumer can encounter 6K-10K ads via digital and traditional channels every day and are often missed or dismissed. Compare that to the average of 8 mail pieces delivered per household per day, which can be reviewed at a prospect’s leisure.

You’ll Make A
100% Impression

Mail is the only channel that’s physical and fully personalizable. People trust it—mail communicates ‘must-have’ information—and they physically engage with the channel six days a week. And comprehension soars when the eye and hand are involved in a communication, so you know your message will be taken in.

And You Deserve
a Quality Lead Source

The ANA reports DM as having the highest ROI of all media*. And for 20+ years, we’ve regularly seen clients experience their best conversion rates + ROI from DM campaigns. Partner with Gunderson Direct to build your brand, go deep into your product sell, or drive to your high-performing landing page.

We're a Top DM Agency With 98% Customer Satisfaction

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