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In addition to offering a complete range of marketing communication services, we have proven experience in developing new direct mail packages that surpass our clients’ current control mailings. We are experts at integrating mailings, email, landing pages and other components to direct response. Check out our creative »


We don’t try to be all things to all people. What we do is direct response, and we do it better than anyone through our deep expertise and smart, performance-driven strategy. Whatever your DM goals, we can help you reach them.

    • Lead generation
    • Customer acquisition
    • Customer cross-sell
    • Triggered marketing
    • Direct product sales
    • Event marketing

    • Driving traffic
    • Tradeshow pre-mailers
    • List building
    • Nurture stream
    • Win-back
    • Customer retention

Fresh ideas

We’re an excellent resource to help you generate the new, fresh ideas you need to improve your DM results.

    • Unmatched DM experience. We have deep experience on the client, agency, and production vendor sides of the business. We’ve built and managed many performance-driven DM programs across a variety of competitive markets.
    • Specialized expertise. We’re a rare breed that thrives on creating results. Our focus and passion lead to higher performance from our programs.
    • Proven approach. We understand the key drivers and best practices, which allows us to see opportunities and find performance breakthroughs.
    • Track record. We have a long track record of establishing new control packages and helping accelerate new program development.

a focused team

Our team of seasoned experts cover every facet of direct marketing.

    • We hit the ground running. With our experience, we come up to speed quickly, are more efficient with our time, and generate results faster.
    • Hands-on service. There’s no junior staff or layer of middle management to navigate, so you can count on direct contact with the team on your project.
    • An extension of your team. Our team can expand the capacity, capabilities, and effectiveness of your team.

Lower costs

Gunderson Direct provides a full range of capabilities and superior service at a lower cost.

    • Fixed-bid project pricing. With our fixed-bid pricing, there are no surprises or unexpected changes to planning.
    • Scalable structure. Our structure allows us to keep costs low – typically 20%-40% below other agencies.
    • Expert buyers. With millions of pieces mailing each month, we have considerable leverage and buying power. Discounted buying agreements allow us to buy at lower than wholesale rates.
    • Focus on ROI. We find ways to increase performance and cut costs. And we take pride in stretching our clients marketing budgets to do more for less.

Tailored solutions

Whether you need end-to-end program management or only select services, we partner with your team for a seamless process and custom-tailored solutions that fit your needs.

    • Scalable. Unlike most agencies, we’re not restricted by in-house resources. We can take on projects of any size and scale as needed.
    • Collaborative. We enjoy working closely with in-house creative and marketing teams.
    • Support your brand. We study, leverage, and execute brand guidelines, while emphasizing your value proposition, offers, and drivers to take action.

perfect production

We streamline the production of complex, direct response marketing projects — from start to finish.

    • Production management. We handle all the production management and take the burden off your plate.
    • Vendor selection. We work with only the top production partners across the country.
    • Quality control process. We ensure flawless mail programs that deliver on time and on budget.
    • Leverage. With millions of pieces mailing each month, we have considerable leverage and buying power.


Our experience goes far beyond creative or production. We’ve been behind the wheel of many performance-driven programs using our disciplined, strategic approach.

    • Strategic testing. We have deep expertise in multivariate testing, which enables us to accelerate program development. Through focused testing, we help you understand your market and solve your key marketing challenges.
    • Thorough analytics. We develop detailed tracking and analysis reports, help you create a clear view of the key performance drivers, and uncover hidden opportunities.
    • Long-range planning. We create ongoing planning and engineer programs to reduce risk, optimize results, and maximize sales.




After settling into their new home, this letter is sure to get attention. The $50 tipped-on card shows slightly through the top window enticing the recipient to open. The personal message welcomes them to the neighborhood and when the new customer opens a checking package, they get $50 bucks.

    • Format: #10 window package with tipped-on card
    • Audience: New movers within 2-3 weeks
    • Offer: $50 for opening a new checking account

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